Sunday, June 21, 2015

'From the Vats' Published!

+Gavin Norman just released his latest project 'From the Vats' - The project is partially populated with entries from a monster-design contest he ran about a year back.  I entered four critters/items into the contest, and my wife was accommodating enough to sketch up a quick illustration for the Smoak:

Gavin began compiling the entries and sent out an APB for some additional art. I asked my wife to contact him to help with an additional piece, which became an illustration for Ben Lawrence's 'Luminous Jelly' (ah, the benefits of having a marine biologist and illustrator in the house...)

So anyway, we had not heard any progress reports for the project for a bit, when lo and behold, it appeared on RPGNow for Free RPG Day...

So, go download 54 pages of weird goodness, including a full adventure, two one-page dungeons and a fistful (or vat-full) of monsters, magic items, and spells!

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