Thursday, May 7, 2015


Joe Wetzel's second geomorph contest theme was lava.

Well, I completely lost track of time until I looked at the contest page and realized that I had about three hours to draw up my entries. At 10 PM local time.  So they are really low quality. Yes.  Even lower-quality than my usual pieces..

So, two entries, in under the wire.  Lava.  And because basalt often forms hexagonal columns as it cools, the floors of the two geomorphs are hexes.

Others can obsessively cross-hatch, I'll do little hexes.

One hex is occupied by a lava stream, with a resident salamander.

The second is a lava pool with basalt column islands to negotiate across safely.

Again, sorry for the crap quality - I'll craft a bit more carefully next time, I hope.

Next up, shrines!

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