Monday, November 10, 2014

The Mamalen Entek (magic beast)

The Mamalen Entek, or 'Wandering Root' makes its appearance in Chapter 1 of the excellent webcomic "Unsounded" by Ashley Cope.  Unsounded has been on hiatus while Ashley built up buffer but came back on line today, as promised. In recognition of the creative worldbuilding in the comic, have a statted-up magic beast...

Referred to as a 'Senet Beast' in the local parlance, the Mamalen Entek was created through ancient magic, or perhaps even by the gods, and wanders the deepest primordial forests. Believed to be centuries old, it appears as a massive, crude sauropod comprised of boulders and gnarled tree trunks, often with one or more aged trees growing from its back.  Green-glowing 'eyes' bracket the head.

Absolutely silent when still, and comprised of vegetation and country rock, the Mamalen Entek will surprise on 5 in 6.  Some say that the beast's idea of curiosity and problem-solving is, "Will it fit in my mouth?" But other observers believe that the beast's intended purpose is to re-balance a place, and as such, it seeks to neutralize discord, occasionally by gastronomic means...

As a creature of deep magic, the Mamalen Entek has an empathetic response to any intelligent creatures it encounters.  In fact, it is believed to 'feed' off these responses, whether peaceful or violent. Neutral or positive encounters will typically be ignored, or observed in the Mamalen Entek's ineffable way. Minor aggression, especially by relatively low-powered foes, will either be ignored, or efficiently, but relatively harmlessly, dispatched.

In the event of continued annoyance, a powerful physical attack, or sufficient feelings of aggression, the Mamalen Entek takes on a dark visage, with a reddening glow of visual rage.  Its body spouts plant-like thorns, hardening its hide and increasing damage dealt.

The beast will defend itself via smashing or trampling, entangling, and swallowing foes.  Any swallowed foe will take additional damage as the beast's fibrous 'entrails' engulf them and root into their body, absorbing energy and essence. Undead (such as Unsounded's reanimated mage) are not affected.

Blunt trauma is shaken off by the beast. Normal and magic weapons do regular damage, but the beast takes double damage from magical fire attacks.

Psychic energy spilled by the dying Mamalen Entek will cause any intelligent creature within one mile to feel despondent and sluggish for one day.

Mamalen Entek ('Wandering Root")
Huge Magical creature
Extremely rare to unique
HD: 16, AC 3/16, Atk: Smash 2d10x2/Engulf 2d8+4-8/round swallowed, Move 9, Save 3, AL N, CL/XP 19/3,800; Special: Surprise on 5/6, Empathetic, morale/response will mirror 'foe,' Blunt weapons cause no damage. Rage attack increases damage to 3d10, AC improves by -/+1. Death causes all intelligent creatures within 1 mile -2 all actions/saves for one day.

(Welcome, Unsounded readers - I'm pleasantly surprised that Ashley added this to the fanfic contest list!)

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