Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Random Magic Item: Bone Bracelet of Undead Invisibility

Joseph Browing has one, too, but of the opposite effect.

A quick-and-dirty magic item that came to mind when I saw 'undead invisibility.'

This divinely-enchanted bone bracelet renders the wearer invisible to lower-level undead (up to 4 HD). It was crafted for infiltration into tombs, dark temples, or undead strongholds where low-level undead may haunt or be employed as guards.  While more powerful undead can discern the wearer, the bracelet still imparts a displacer effect, and attacks by these undead are at a -2 to-hit penalty.

Restrictions: Wearable only by characters of lawful alignment. If a cleric wants to turn undead, they will need to remove the bracelet and become visible.

A perfect fashion accessory for one's Bone Armor of Sozqshy.

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