Saturday, January 25, 2020

A Collaborative Dungeon, and one guy scribbling in the dark...

Matt Jackson ( uploaded a collaborative dungeon, inviting all to fill the individual rooms as they saw fit. The original piece and its traps, curiosities and denizens are here:

And he was nice enough to release it for free use for us randoms in the interwebs to cobble together our own works.

Mark Chance grabbed it and filled the entirety for Dungeon World stats:

And I needed to practice and focus a bit, so why not?

Bega Nigkoev was dead and buried long ago - so what's the harm in snooping around his chapel and tomb? I'm sure there's nothing to worry about... right? Right...?

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Kübler's Shop - Stealing Shorts' Scribblings

Happy 2020, ya heathens...

So, Tim Shorts recently posted up a WIP map and narrative of his drawing process. The unnamed map is intended for a future adventure, or perhaps to torture his hapless players with... Anyway, it's a promising 10-room space for a bit of exploration and derring-do. Tim purposefully left out significant interior features for flexibility and interpretation. And no exterior doors, it seems, so we are dropping in from above, perhaps...

But you know, Tim, you shouldn't just leave these things lying about... you never know who's going to find them...


Gilgian Kübler has been tinkering around in his workshop and taking deliveries at odd hours. I'm sure that there is nothing untoward about that...

Better go check, just in case. What's going on in Kübler's Shop?  Good for a few low-level mooks, statted generically.

Support Tim's Patreon if you want to find some cool hand-drawn mini-adventures and eccentric NPCs in your mailbox. And of course, check out his blog and Anchor podcast for his thoughts and most enlightening audio unboxings...

Monday, December 16, 2019

Secret Santicorn 2019 - The Last City

With the downfall of G+ and other distractions, I didn't track down last year's Secret Santicorn RPG "gift exchange." Fortunately, I stumbled upon its current manifestation within the Discord OSR group. Approximately one day before this year's entry deadline.


And what request did the Santicorn have for me?

"It's time for the best part of Santicorn - making things!
Valker requests the following gift:
A summoning gone wrong has caused the sea level to rise significantly and almost destroyed civilization in the known world. Which being was responsible for such cataclysm, how are the standard cultures and/or races of your stereotypical fantasy setting dealing with the change and which factions are emerging in the wake of the disaster? Alternatively: there's only one island, and one city, left in the world. Tell me more about the city, who's inhabiting it and what prevents others to seize it."

I took on the second alternative - so Welcome to Bytlav, the Last City...

Thanks again to James Young for shepherding this thing through!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Come on in, the lava's fine!


Damn, I've been unproductive/uncreative for over a month. Blame the seasonal change, family, general malaise, something.

So I needed to hammer out something to get back on the writing horse. Thankfully, and as I've mentions before, Daniel Walthall creates some compact, yet evocative maps of adventure spaces.  And his "Lava Caves of Tarko" popped up on my feed at an opportune time. Again, a good six-room dungeon, with pre-established environmental hazards and a bit of a maze to negotiate...

So I stuck a goal at the end of a maze, and threw in a few incendiary dudes from one of my favorite AD&D modules. The setup is pretty system-neutral, but I did toss in the usage die mechanic from the Black Hack for one item, to perhaps add a bit of tension in its use in a tight spot...

Have at it, and remember to stay hydrated!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

New Black Hack classes...

Hi all - just uploaded to DrivethruRPG my take on eight classes for The Black Hack: Alchemist, Bard, Monk, Ninja, Plague Doctor, Ranger, Tiefling, and Warlock.

I tried to emulate David's original tone and style, as well as make each class simple and unique as befitting the game. 

PWYW on DriveThru -

So take a look and throw a coin in the tip jar if you are so inclined.  Thanks!

I also uploaded a significant revision to my homage to B1, "Vobleavira Haven Complex"

I added encounters, cleaned up some text and consistency, and hopefully made this an improved and more playable product.