Monday, May 14, 2018

Random Monster: The Dragon Chicken

Back in October, while looking up images of 'chicken foot' on the Google as a model for my most fabulous Inktober the 10th sketch, this image popped up in the results....

What in the complete hell?

Apparently, there is a Vietnamese breed known as the Dragon Chicken, valued for its thigh meat and able to fetch extraordinary prices on the market...

I mean, look at these beasts...

Serious thigh meat.

But not quite the 'Dragon Chicken' one might expect in an RPG world...


Saturday, May 5, 2018

Original Edition Role Playing Appreciation Day Contribution - The Fairy Gladiator

Another self-imposed creative deadline based off yesterday's 'notebook' post and cobbled together to support the Original Edition Role Playing Appreciation Day coordinated by +RJThompson.

So here you go, a small silly character class, done somewhat in the style of +JamesVWest, although without the whimsical art.

"Heralding from the mysterious arboreal fighting arenas of the fey, as a fairy gladiator, you are a raw yet skilled fighter with your own racial talents… Unlike your flighty kin, you are a tough little bugger, able to dish out a beat-down with style and aplomb! May Mars guide you!"

Download this flying freak

Friday, May 4, 2018

One Notebook Page

Happy One Page Dungeon Deadline!  162 entries this year, a strong showing, and from what's been posted up so far - a high level of competition.

Pushed out my entry earlier this month.  I can't speak to its quality - that's the judges' domain.  My writing discipline has gone downhill over the last while, so I made a self-imposed deadline to get the entry out the door well before May 1.

The entry began with a beer and and empty notebook page...  which descended into a freewriting/brainstorming session:

Cuneiform made easy

For those of you who don't want to read my writing (and even I can't figure out a few words), the list is, more or less:
  • Sustainable dwarves
  • Sent by dragon
  • Intelligent ants 
  • Blind foe/-> sensory deprivation?
  • Alien intelligence
  • Puzzle -> Rube Goldberg dungeon -> collect bits to negotiate maze?
  • Nepotism ??? (Not sure, maybe 'halflings')
  • Despotic gnomes
  • Industrial druids
  • Naked and afraid, escape!
  • Gladiatorial fairies
  • Tortoise jousting
  • Intelligent hunter ooze
  • Dungeon Olympics <- decathlon
  • 200' rappel
  • Fun!
  • Golem lab
  • Good lists!
  • Enjoy dying!
  • Funnel? -> roll attributes as needed
In the end, elements of bullets 2 and 20 (and hopefully 16, 18 and 19...) made it into the entry.  There are a few more notebook pages of brainstorming and distilling...

And now I want to design a "Sustainable Dwarves vs Industrial Druids" adventure.  It will somehow involve weaponized windmills.

Bullet 10 always hearkens back to the classic A4 slaver module.

And my wife wants to play a fairy gladiator PC.  Look for stats on that momentarily...

Monday, April 16, 2018

Santicore 2017 entry

I seem to catch the Secret Santicore group project every other year....  But I remembered to enter Santicore 2017...

Well, Santicore 2017 came and went, and it seems that the editing process is a bit delayed.  So putting my contribution out as a bit of content...

This years 'gift' request:

"Oh great and dreadful Santicore, 
I gaze upon your visage with reverence and wish that you wouldst grant this lowly mortals request. I request with such respect as to make other respectful people look as though they aren't, that could you please make me a jungle based encounter.
I lay myself at your feet as your lowly humble servant.

So off to the jungle we go, in search of illusory foe....

And the name?  Well it came from one of those paint samples that you get at the store.  I've never quite figured out how the color names are generated, or how they reflect anything in the real world.  But of the green-tinged color chits I happened to be sorting through at the time, it seemed to best fit a small jungle excursion.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

OPD 2018

Well, in spite of Max's "help," I was able to concoct and submit this year's One Page Dungeon Contest entry in record time.

Max has a liberal idea of a soft spot to chill.
After several days of considering how to include the theme of "Sustainable Dwarves," I shelved that concept for another time.  So let's see what transpired...

Strayed from the last couple of years' hexcrawls and went small.  And low-fi.  0-level low, that is.

"It's not every day that you take the loot back to the dragon. But he did give you an offer you couldn't refuse..."

It's the 10th year of the contest, which is pretty damn cool. And the support/sponsors/enthusiasm is impressive this year.  Enjoy!

Edit 042218: updated entry with slight text and map changes.