Sunday, March 18, 2018

"Notebook Failure Dungeon"

+matt jackson  is so kind to share his maps, even ones that he's not particularly happy with (more the medium than that content), that I figured I'd stock it up, even with its perceived shortcomings. 

"The Cirdfhin Temple complex was constructed by the dwarves a generation ago for veneration of local battle-saints.  Carved into a cliff, it was home to dwarven clergy and acolytes.  Although the temple was consecrated and in use, the deeper rooms were still under construction.  Tragedy struck when an earthquake opened a chasm through weak rock that rended the passageways.  Taking it as a bad omen, the dwarves abandoned the complex, leaving behind many of the accoutrements.  It has since been occupied by less reverent tenants…"

Download it here
Stocked using Swords & Wizardry and a +Richard LeBlanc random d30 table.

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Four in one island?

I previously offered up four variants of a small island map crafted by +Dyson Logos

+Brett Slocum commented: "It's a big enough island, have all four things here."

Ok Brett, here ya go.  There goes the neighborhood.

Welcome to Happy Fun Island

Do not taunt Happy Fun Island.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Four Views of Zorus Island!

So yeah, as soon as +Dyson Logos posted up a work-in-progress pic of an unnamed island on G+, I started making a few notes.  A bit of island real estate with 3-4 encounter areas - what's not to love?

Welcome to lovely Zorus Island, home to four different haunts...

Fungal Zombieland: Dyson's original post suggested an undead-overrun island.  Yeah, we got a bad case of zombies here, folks.

Mutineers and Smugglers:  Something is afoot with the island guards.  Best to clandestinely investigate.

Sheeping:  All the Doulough family wanted to do was raise sheep in peace.  And now something is mucking that up....

Caretakers and Were-takers: Where'd that damned goat come from, and why won't it go away?!?

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Kobolds you may encounter

Everyone's favorite devious bane to low-level parties (and a few higher-level groups, as well)...


What have the little scaly bastards been getting themselves up to?

1. Fire-Breather: Hints of the draconic heritage of the Mother of Flames flows through this one.  Fire spit - 1d6 damage, 3x/day (15' range).

2. Bugeater: Iron stomach: +2 saves vs disease or ingested poisons.

3. Sharpshooter: +1 to-hit and damage with sling or javelin.

4. Tunnel Scrapper: +2 melee to-hit in close spaces (e.g. tunnel <4' tall)

5. Trapper:  A vermin-catcher.  Will always have a bag of 2d6 small poisonous critters to throw or drop onto intruders.

6. Lightfoot: +1 to stealth rolls, skills as 2nd level thief.

7. Illusory Mage: 1d3 random illusionist spells (1st and 2nd level).

8. Horn-hide: Tougher than your average kobold: 1 HD, AC 6/13

9. Shroom Warrior: Harvests underground fungus - most likely hallucinatory. 3/4 chance tripping balls; 1/4 chance of spewing augeries.

10. Tunnel-rider:  Riding exotic mount of some sort:  1-2: Giant lizard; 3-5: Defanged giant spider; 6: Rust monster (baited with rusty helmet on a stick); 7: Dire weasel; 8: Pilfered automaton

Headed Upriver. Messing Up Matt's Map

While I typically use a +Dyson Logos map for my 4-scenario dungeon stocking exercises, I decided to give +matt jackson some love, and mod up his "If you were to follow that river" map accordingly.

The map depicts a portion of a subterranean river, crossed by a bridge (natural or otherwise), with two networks of caverns, plus an island with a small structure.  In all cases, I'm assuming downriver is toward the top (north) of the map, and that the cavern surfaces soon past the map.  The bridge entry to the west/northwest is close off-map.

So here goes:

Pirate Redoubt: A good ol' root-out-the-pirates scene.

Heretics on Parade: A good ol' root-out-the-heretics scene.

Wyvern Kin: A good ol' root-out-the-wyvern scene.

Secret Seer: A good ol' figure-out-what-the-hell-is-up-with-the-seer scene.

Everything is built out using Swords & Wizardry, but I'm not picky, play however you want :)