Saturday, August 15, 2020

What's Going on Down on the Priggin's Farm?

Heh, not sure what to say about this one, other than Tim Shorts left a pair of maps on Reddit for just anyone to do with what they will.

Like the last installment here, the maps are a paired surface/underground complex. And the residents? Well, they've seen better days, I suppose.

Spoiler on the underground creature-feature: I read somewhere in the blogosphere not long ago about re-skinning level draining undead, particularly for them-there old-school games, as level loss, especially with slower PC advancement, may be seen as an undue penalty (and a couple of level-drained PCs can quickly lead to a party death spiral). Alternatively, these undead attack ability scores, with death occurring with the score hits 0. While I don't specify if the loss is permanent, a few options may be offered:

1) Yup, permanent. Dammit.

2) Ability score recovers at some slow to modest rate, perhaps 1d2/month.

3) Divine intervention: I'd suggest remove curse as a curative to such unholy drains on a PC.

Anyway, take a visit to the old Priggin farmstead, and have some fun with it. The residents can definitely be played as eccentrics of their kind, and perhaps things will take an interesting turn...