Wednesday, July 26, 2017

So Your Cleric Pissed Off Their God…

Haven’t posted for a while, so here’s a list…

So your cleric, inadvertently or otherwise, betrayed their deity or violated their vows.  Maybe they offed some orc kids, huffed fungus-man spores, or hooked up with a half-elf of questionable mores…

Regardless, there they are, without spells or turning powers, and entreaties to their god are met with silence…

Better see what it’s gonna take to remedy this…
1. Shit-ton of cash (one level equivalent)
2. Scarification/branding/ordeal (visible scars, perhaps dismemberment)
3. Oh, you wanted to confess and gain forgiveness??  That’s not this temple – you have to go to the central/original/obscure temple (far away….)
4. Oh, sure, just go find this particular relic.  I think a dragon is using it as a pillow…
5. Fasting and penitence…
6. Naked and begging down on the corner
7. Commit a selfless act.  It had better be Medal of Honor-worthy.
8. Read a really big, obscure book of the religion.  Better yet, memorize it.
9. Go plant a tree.  In a sacred grove, it’s a rare specimen.  Watch it grow for a while.
10. Take on a “lost cause”
11. Preach and teach to others of the errors of your ways as an object lesson.
12. Sorry buddy.  Not happening.  You’re now a middling fighter with a mace and a holy symbol…

Ok, so you got your god to let you off the hook, but nothing comes without a cost:
1. You are reinstated, but at 1d3 levels below your original.
2. That port-wine stain marks you as having betrayed your vows.
3. Stigmata.  Preferably at awkward moments.
4. You are blinded to the spiritual world.  One eye goes cloudy, and you can no longer cast detection spells.
5. 1d3 point charisma loss and associated effects on followers and reactions.
6. Armor burns you!  Rely only on the protection of your god – unarmored…
7. Turn undead at 1d3 levels below your current level*
8. Variable effect spells cast at -1 (time, healing, number affected)*
9. Opponents save at +1 vs spells*
10. Loss of class-based saving throw bonuses*

* - lasts for a period of a year and one day.

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