Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Random Magic Item: Hildegard's Jar of Leeches


Appearing to be a common ceramic leech jar, this enchanted urn is found in the most discriminating apothecaries', barbers', and chirurgeons' establishments, lending enhanced or expanded recuperative abilities to the proprietor's skill sets.

The jar will contain 1d4 leeches. Application of one or more leeches will have the following effects, equivalent to the respective cleric spells:

One Leech:
Cure light wounds
Cure paralysis (2 required if paralysis is non-temporary)

Two Leeches:
Cure disease

Three Leeches
Cure serious wounds
Neutralize poison

Other beneficial effects include:
Three leeches cure mummy rot
Four leeches will restore permanently lost STR or CON due to magical or physical attack
Five leeches will restore one drained level

As long as at least one leech is left in the jar, an additional 1d4 leeches will spontaneously generate per day, up to a maximum of eight leeches.  If all the leeches are expended, the jar will lose any rejuvenative qualities and become a mundane leech-jar. Likewise, if the jar is broken, or upended, losing its water, all qualities will be lost, including those for any remaining leeches.


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