Thursday, August 28, 2014

Random Magic Item: Staff-sling of Peplyn

Somewhat inspired by Timrod's musings on our favorite hairy-footed demi-humans -

From my previous post on 'Lost Tomes,' the "Song of Samhans" introduced us to the Staff-Sling of Peplyn.

Halfling slingers often discard the traditional sling in favor of the staff-sling, which allows for extra leverage, resulting in greater damage and range for their sling bullets.

Generic staff-sling (S&W specs, adjustable for other systems):
Damage: 1d4+1 (or +20% damage vs. sling).  The staff-sling may also be wielded as a light club in a pinch (1d4).  Users of staff-slings use DEX bonuses for to-hit and STR bonuses for damage due to the leverage provided by the weapon.
Rate of fire: 1/ round
Range: 50' (indoor)/150' outdoor (or +20% range vs. sling)
Weight: 3 lbs
Cost: 2gp

Staff-Sling of Peplyn: 

Constructed of an oaken staff with brass workings and rare opal insets, its sling is composed of tanned basilisk hide.

+1 to hit/dam (+3 when wielded by halflings). If the slingstone embeds within an enemy's body (rolls of 16-20), the target must save vs. petrification or be slowed (as per spell) until the slingstone is removed, due to enchantment of the slingstone by the basilisk hide, which causes partial petrification.  Removal of the slingstone will cause an additional 1d2 damage.

Additionally, Peplyn was a natty dresser.  Source

Bonus stats - Halfling Staff-Slinger Troops:
Staff-slingers work as auxiliary missile troops in support of other skirmishers and heavier infantry. Their light arms allow them to attack and retreat in the face of foes, keeping up a missile barrage and harassing retreating or disorganized foes. They can also act as light skirmishers if an enemy can close with them, although they much prefer to do their damage at range.

HD 1, AC 6/13
Armed with staff sling (1d4+1 missile/1d4 as club), short sword (1d6)
Occurrence: troops of 5d4 with one sergeant (+1 HD, AC 5/14)

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