Thursday, August 30, 2018

A silly character class - The TechnoViking

Sure.  Why not take an 18 year-old meme and class it up in the style of +James West?

The Man, the Myth, the Machine

I mean, how many stat-worthy talents and abilities do we witness within this span of 4 minutes of viral glory?  Stepping up and making some bro back off of a blue haired girl, random dude handing him a water bottle, intimidating some jackoffs, and, of course, bumping and dancing his way through the streets with abandon... All while shirtless, ripped, blond, and wearing a Thor's Hammer pendant.

From a writing perspective, it probably took me as long to make up the level titles as the class itself. And I have a few random Nordic words added to the vocabulary...

And speaking of James- if you haven't checked out his 'Black Pudding' zine, you are missing out on some great art, creativity, and general old-school insanity.  He has collected Volumes #1-4 into a Heavy Helping of fun, and Black Pudding #5 recently hit the virtual shelves...

Happy Labor Day weekend to my fellow Americans.  Get out and play!

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