Saturday, August 8, 2015

Dude, my armor has fantastic abs.

A recent article on Vox discusses the hows and whys of the sculpted Greek bronze cuirass.

After all, it was about looking good...

Possible armor decoration and embellishments:
1. Fantastic abs
2. Fleur de lis everywhere
3. Misc. animal heads
     A. Dogs/wolves
     B. Eagles
     C. Weasels
     D. Elephants
     E. Catoblepas
     F. Fish
     G. Dragons
     H. Insects
     I. Horses
     J. Boars
     K. Lions
4. Sphinx
5. Patchwork or motley (birdcage on helmet extra-cost option)
6. Astronomical signs: stars. Moons comets, etc
7. Tiger stripes, rawr!
8. Dazzle camo
9. Leaves and flowers
10. Insane, tacky rococo
11. Flames!
12. Indecipherable script (translation/significance TBD...)
13. Battle scenes
14. Cherubs n' shit
15. Beast-men
16. Roses

1 in 20 chance that the embellishments impart a special quality upon the armor (80% positive, 20% liability)

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